Pet Care

Coat and skin care are vital to a healthy happy pet. If your pet has a short coat, feed them well with high quality dog food and bath in between grooming. In Florida it is important to monitor your pet for fleas and treat with a flea products if these pests are present. Treating will help prevent allergies pets tend to get from flea saliva.
If your dog has longer hair, brushing and bath in between grooming is highly recommended to help prevent hot spots and maintain skin health. In the long run a little brushing will save you tons at the vet.

Nail care
As a rule of thumb, a dog’s nails should be trimmed when they touch the ground. For leisurely living dogs, that might mean weekly pedicures, while urban pooches who stalk rough city sidewalks might never need their nails cut at all. Don't forget to check the dew claws, if they have them. It is best to take off a tiny bit each week or every other week than to take chunks off less often. The quick in the nail tends to grow longer when trimming is not done routinely and this can cause problems for your pet.

Dental care
To prevent dental disease, your pet needs routine dental care at home. To perform good home care, you need to start with clean teeth. Brushing will remove plaque but not tartar. So if your pet's teeth have tartar, it is necessary for your veterinarian to remove it and polish the teeth. This professional veterinary dental cleaning is also called a prophylaxis.

Ear cleaning
If your dog’s inner ears appear dirty, clean them with a cotton ball dampened with mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide or a solution formulated specifically for this purpose. Inner-ear skin is delicate, so allow your vet to demonstrate the proper method for cleaning your dog’s ears.

Do not clean your dog’s ears so frequently or deeply as to cause irritation, and take care to NEVER insert anything into your dog’s ear canal.

If your dog sprouts hair from his ear canal, you or your groomer may have to tweeze it out every few weeks to prevent problematic mats and tangles from forming. Please discuss with your vet whether this is necessary for your dog.


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